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Some bad habits and how to fix them…

Some people think that CSS is difficult to learn. There are lots of crutches and even some magic, which makes it easy to shoot yourself in the foot. I feel sad about this since I don’t think so.

After some research about what can we done, I’ve come up with five developer habits that I don’t like and will show you how to avoid them...

1. Set Margins or Padding and Then Reset Them

I often see people set margins or padding for all elements and then reset them for the first or last element. I don’t know why they use in there coding's. …

When I was in High School , I took part in auditions of various co-curricular activities and other activities also.

One day one of my friend told me about a Bootcamp on Web-Development which is organized by Sudan’s Technocrats , He told me to register in the Bootcamp. He also told me that they select only 100 students out of all the registration they get. When i I hear that i was slightly upstate , finally i register in the program.

On 27th April, There was an email notification “Congratulations Web Development Scholarship Winner || Sudan’s Technocrats Foundation”. The…

CSS is an amazing and unique language that servers a great purpose. We can make our website visually good using CSS. It describe the presentation of web pages, including typography,. layouts, color etc. …

1. We can’t imagine web development without CSS. See two attached images

1. With CSS

2. Without CSS

Now imagine all websites without styling….

Programming is an art that cannot be learned in a year or so. You need to practice it continuously and regularly to be pro at it. But, before becoming a pro, some basic fundamentals and foundations are important. This guide will tell you about some of the efficient practices to use while programming.

Sounds exciting? Let’s get right into it!

1. What is programming?

I won’t spend too much time here since if you’re reading this, you likely have a pretty solid idea of what programming and coding is.

It’s just a formalized version of the logic, in the vocabulary and syntax of the…


I am a 1st year Software Development Student and loves programing. Scholar at Sudan's Tech. and exploring different tech fields.

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